Seeking royalty free short children's stories and songs?
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My boring voice puts babies and toddlers to sleep! After years of procrastination, I am capitalising on this by making an awesome 8 episode podcast. I am looking for fabulous royalty free short children's stories, lullabies, short songs, long songs and poetry I can record with.

There is plenty I have found but recommendations will make it more profound and possibly even more soporific!
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Best answer: I'll volunteer mine. Send me a link if you end up using it =c)
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I'm sorry I don't have suggestions but I'd love to have a link when you get your podcast up and running. Good luck!
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Best answer: i grew up with Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child Garden of Verses - lots of wonderful little treasures in there. Since he died in 1894 it should all be copyright free. (And it fact there are several editions available via Project Gutenberg)

It might also worth borrowing a copy of Rise Up Singing - many of their folk songs that would be pleasing to young children and the song book includes copyright information for all their songs.
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Seriously, not trying to snark, but I'm not able to reconcile "boring voice" with "awesome podcast." Remember it's the parents who will be previewing your product before buying. To the extent that your voice may really be boring, maybe get some help with that?
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Response by poster: JimN2TAW, it's a tone of voice I think? Anyway, a group of mothers and two dads are leading this and paying for studio time so I am leaving the branding in their creative hands.
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