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If you needed a favor from a stranger in another city, how or where would you begin the process?

To clarify what I'm after here... I want to find someone in the Vancouver area to stop by a local store and look for something. It's a discontinued item that I have heard was available in the store's clearance bins. I can't get anyone at the store(s) to go through their bins for me, but I thought that there would be at least one or two folks who might be willing to look if they were already in the area.

Where would you start with something like this? Craigslist?
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Well, surely someone here will offer... right....?
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Actually in 1997 I used irc, to find someone in #oklahoma to run an errand for me in the tiny town of stillwater. It was probably easier for me because the errand had a romantic component to it, which is more appealing than "could you try and save me a few bucks".

The interenet is a pretty different place now than it was in 1997 though, hence my first answer.
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What store?
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That's funny... in 1997 I lived in that tiny town.

This is, to be fair, more than an effort to save a few bucks. While I may eventually have to sell a kindey and buy one on ebay, I thought I'd try this route first. I did put a posting on vancouver.craigslist... i think that my uncertainty about that stems from a lack of understand about how most people use that site. If I need a lawn mower, I search for a lawn mower and move on... I'm not sure that I'd read this kind of a request there myself, but I could be underestimating the majority.

(Not to derail, but I am both puzzled and amused by the idea of a romantic errand that could only be carried out in Stillwater, OK)
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It's called London Drugs, which is somehow an electronics shop.

Canada=land of mystery.
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I would strongly recommend calling the London Drugs. I'm sure one of their staff can confirm if the item is available, and if you speak to the store manager, they might be willing to take a credit card # over the phone and ship you the item. Sure it's unusual, but it's also possible, and I've tried the same trick once before in the past and it worked. (different store, though)

If it's any help, I live in Calgary, Alberta and we have lots of London Drugs. A store here might have whatever you're looking for, and if so I'd be happy to help you get your hands on it. My e-mail's ian.wallace@shaw.ca if I can be of help.
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I live in Vancouver, and go past the London Drugs downtown on my way to/from work - mail's in my profile...
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Yeah, I'd probably use Ask MeFi and hope that Jon Mitchell came along ;-)
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I'm here too. Email me if Jon Mitchell can't do it. Lots of London Drugs around.
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Is it Vancouver specific?
London Drugs is a nation wide chain here in Canada.
There is one in every major city (above 20,000 or so), so concievably any canadian Mefite could have a look for you.
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London Drugs has a big website. You might be able to buy online.
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I live right by London Drugs. I can almost see it from here. I'm there almost every day. What are you looking for?
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Wow... thanks for all the responses.

I did in fact consuslt the website, but found nothing. I assumed that this had to do with being a "clearance bin" item.

I'm trying to find an iFire, made by Griffin Technology. It is an adapter/amplifier that allows the use of Apple Pro Speakers on Macs without a specific input.

As of the first of March, this was available in some of the London Drugs clearance bins, but there's a good chance that that kind of stuff turns over pretty quick... they may easily be gone.

If your there and you happen to see one though, please let me know.
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Well, in the end it was craigslist that found it... A woman from Vancouver emailed me this afternoon to say she found one at the Davie Street store near her apartment.

Thanks to all of you who emailed or offered your assistance though, I really appreciate it.
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