Best carpet sweeper / rubber broom for long human hair?
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I have long wavy hair and will soon be spending several months in a living situation with low pile carpet and a really inadequate vacuum cleaner. Replacing the vacuum is not an option (weight, size, storage space, and it's not mine), so I am thinking of a carpet sweeper or rubber broom. MeFites, if you have personal experience removing human hair from low pile carpet with a carpet sweeper, rubber broom, or similar item, what worked best for you?

There is an AskMe on this from 2008, but by now it has many broken links.

The carpet in question is basically flat but holds onto hair like nobody's business. The last time I lived in this space I ended up periodically going over the carpet with a damp sponge to ball up the hair, but that was really labour-intensive and I'd prefer to never do that again.
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This one. I find stiffer bristles to work best.
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I have had success using rubber pet hair brushes for just this purpose. You could maybe tie one to a broomstick for greater coverage, depending on surface area to be de-haired?
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Thanks, tipsyBumblebee and stillmoving! I ordered the recommended broom and as one of its ordering options was 'broom and brush combo', a brush for tight spaces. Here's to better hair pickup!
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