What kind of THC edible did I have?
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Last week I was given a THC gummy by a friend - it was the best drug experience I have ever had, and I'd like to figure out what exactly I ate.

It definitely came from a legal dispensary somewhere in greater New York, but beyond that, for a few reasons, we cannot get any more provenance information. Here's a description:

Roughly 1/4" square, tan, about the color + texture of soft dried apples. Flavorless.

Effect: Seemingly a very low amount of THC, and barely perceptible as a high. What made it remarkable was that it almost immediately gave me a feeling of deep internal warmth, and almost as quickly cut the cortisol and left me feeling calm and relaxed. This lasted for maybe an hour and a half, possibly a bit more, tapering off more slowly than it arrived.

I've got a long but sporadic familiarity with pot, but am completely new to edibles. This was, though, the drug experience I've been looking for for decades - a deep feeling of well-being with very little intoxication, and with short-lived effect - and I'd like to know what it was for future reference. So, weedians of MeFi - what did I eat? Is this recognizable as a specific category of edible?
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Sounds like a high-CBD/CBN gummie. Maybe 10:1 CBD/THC?
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Greater NY, then the first place that comes to mind is Theory in the Berkshires. Here is a link to their product menu. Maybe you recognize it in the list?
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Right there are no legal dispensaries in New York. Theory in Great Barrington MA is right over the border and hugely popular with New Yorkers on the weekend. They have a line of gummies that is low dose THC (3.5mg) and THC/CBD blended ones too. But so do the other Berkshires dispensaries — Berkshire Roots in Pittsfield, NETA in Northampton, and Canna Provisions in Lee. (I’m a Berkshires resident, lucky me, although edibles do bupkis for me.)

Honestly I wouldn’t worry about finding the same brand. Look for low THC offerings, 3.5mg per dose rather than 5mg. The flavors are always changing at all the dispensaries.

The hint about a “texture like dried apples” does sound like the in house gummies at Berkshire Roots. Theory’s tend to be more gelatinous.
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Similar to aramaic's guess, I sometimes get a "euphoric calm" from CBD by itself which does not resemble the high or impairment from THC use. But not always. It's a good guess though, particularly with your lack of a high to go with it. Next time you're in a legal state, I'd check out something between pure CBD and a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio.
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Agreeing with others -- this sounds like a CBD/THC mix. I usually take a 5:1 CBD:THC ratio to get that soft, warm, relaxed feeling without getting high in the way I do with pure THC.

(Also, wow, that's fast-acting for a gummy! Depending on what's on offer, you might also look at tinctures; I find they hit faster than edibles, and I can control the dosage pretty finely.)
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It’s so fast acting that I question it. No cannabis edible gives you an “immediate” feeling of anything for perfectly obvious biochemical reasons. OP you maybe in search of a chimera.
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By which I mean to say I don’t doubt OP’s experience at all but suspect it can’t be reliably iterated based on finding just the right product, alone.
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