How long do eyelashes take to grow back?
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How long do eyelashes take to grow back?

I used a friend's eyelash curler last night, and they somehow managed to chop a 0.75 cm gap of my eyelashes off. The lash stubs are about 0.25 cm long, right in the middle of a line of normal lashes.

I can't wear mascara without drawing attention to the freakish gap in my eyelashes now. Somehow, I have a feeling that eyelashes grow veeeeeeerrrrryyyyyyy slowly.

Anyone have any idea how long it will take for my poor eyelashes to grow back?
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I've heard that eyelashes get replaced about every two weeks, so it shouldn't be too, too long. But, they also apparently take four months to grow completely- so maybe considering you didn't pull them out completely, you'll have to wait sometime between two weeks and four (!) months. You could try modestly-sized fake eyelashes in the meantime though.
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Four to eight weeks.
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A relative has trichotillomania, (compulsive hair-pulling, frequently of the eyelashes and eyebrows) and states that six weeks is about right for eyelashes, and they'll start to look normal after four. Oddly enough, eyebrows take much longer to look normal when starting from scratch.
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meanwhile, you might be able to use false eyelashes. You could just use enough to make it less noticeable.
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I did the same thing. I used eyeliner to fill the gap until my eyelashes grew back, which didn't take very long and nobody seemed to notice or they were too polite to comment.
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