Lash growth serums for sensitive eyes?
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Can you recommend (or just as useful, warn me off) some lash growth serums? I have (very mild) blepharitis and need to wash my lash-line with baby shampoo each morning, which over the years has left me with stubby, spindly lashes. I've had allergic reactions to lash-glue in the past when I used to wear extensions. Is there anything I should try?
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Best answer: I'm not sure but definitely avoid castor oil as it gave me blepharitis after using it a few times.
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Best answer: In the warning category: I don't know if you know about Latisse, but FYI my friend used it and got massive lash growth -- seriously, she looked like a giraffe -- and then...massive, surgery-level styes.
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Best answer: I use Shiseido Full Lash and Brow serum on my brows. I think it helps, but probably mostly by reminding me to leave my brows alone and let them grow. Not sure the science behind it is especially robust.
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I used Lumigan for my normal tension glaucoma, and holy shit my eyelashes grew. I believe the same compound is marketed by the company as "Latisse," for cosmetic lash growth.
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Latisse is also known for darkening light-colored irises, which I think is kind of cool, but something to be aware of.
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Best answer: I have been using Revitalash for about six months and love it. From my research it was the same as Latisse until a patent lawsuit, they changed the formula and now it has less side effects but is also a bit less dramatic than Latisse. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my lash growth using Revitalash, and haven’t noticed any added sensitivities or reactions from it (and I am allergic to many things).
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Best answer: I used Eye Envy and it worked very very well. But. You can’t ever stop using it because as soon as you do, your lashes fall out and return to the same level of sparseness they were before. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!
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I have various skin sensitivities and I get really nervous putting new chemicals on areas that are known to be easily irritated. In your shoes, I would start by looking at the current routine first (after consulting with your doctor, etc etc). Can you get away with washing, say, every other day to give your eyelashes more of a chance to recover? Can you try other ways to treat blepharitis that would be gentler on your lashes?
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Best answer: Baby shampoo can have all kinds of weird stuff in it, like fragrance to make your baby smell like a "baby." Not sure what you're using, but if you're not already, you may look into something extremely mild, like Cetaphil, which may help the level of irritation you experience. (I couldn't use any "baby" products like shampoo or detergent on my kids because of how confusingly irritating they are to sensitive skin.)
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