If I do a factory reset of a PS4 will I lose Apex Legends data?
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My son's PS4 only boots up in safe mode currently. If we do a factory reset and he loses his progress in Apex Legends, it would be very very bad. He's level 170 or so currently. It seems like all of the progress is stored on the cloud in his account, not on the individual console. But since I can't get boot up normally and save his progress I'm nervous. Help!
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really the best way to figure this out for sure would be to have him log in to his psn account from someone else's ps4 who has the game installed and see what it looks like from there.
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I'm pretty sure I've logged into my PlayStation account from a friends' PS4 to play Apex and it showed all my levels and progress.
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From my research (I've not played Apex Legends) this is an online multiplayer battle royale game. There is basically zero chance that a competently run multiplayer game with levels or any sort of player continuity stores any critical data on your console because if the servers had to trust your console to have correct data, it'd open the floodgates for cheating. I'd say reset without fear, honestly.
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As others have said, the progress is saved to his login on the Apex servers, not on the console itself. Have him log in to the game on a PC and everything should show up as normal if you want some peace of mind.
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