Can I order a shelf cut-to-size online. For Canada
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I want to order a shelf (as in a piece of somewhat finished wood-like or not-too-plasticy-plastic) cut to size. Is there somewhere that does that? MDF, laminate, etc. fine. Size is probably 11" wide and about 23" long, so nothing crazy. I know I could go to home depot, but I think they only cut length (not width) and also I would have to go and carry the shelves back, etc. ugh.
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Do you mean literally just one shelf, not a whole unit?

Home Depot can cut to width, as well, FWIW, but that won't solve your transport issue. However, their accuracy would be spotty. What you are asking for, though, would be trivial for any kind of woodshop or even a nearby handyman who has a table or even a circular saw, if you know of anyone.
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Any "x 12" material will be 11~1/4". Just FYI.

Honestly, I think what you'd pay a handyman to do this would be worth it in this case.
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Huh....11 and 1/4 is pretty much what I was hoping for. And yes, I meant just a shelf itself not a unit.
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So you could go and get a 1" x 12" pine board at any lumber yard or big box store and have them cut it to 23". That would be easy enough to manage even with a normal car.
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I haven’t had issues with Home Depot accuracy. I used to bring a tape measure and mark the board where I wanted the cut. My only issue with Home Depot is the fact that the co-founder donated to Trump. Any local lumber supply store is able to do the same.
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Any business that has a table saw and carries sheets of shelving/cabinet material could do this very precisely in a minute or two.

If I wanted to do this here (in Oz) I would go to any of the 4 Joineries/Cabinet Makers in my small town and get them to cut it from some of the stock they carry for kitchen cabinets, which would include MDF and laminates of various types.
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