Doesn't let me delete!
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I run Abyss Webserver, and of late.. sometimes when I try to rename/move/delete any folder within htdocs folder, it doesn't let me to. It says access denied. I try removing the read-only attrib, and it comes back.

Sometimes this also happens with just any folder/file all over the filesystem.

What's wrong?

While we're on it:

I have a network in this house shared by 7 roommates, and we have mp3/movies on network share. Same workgroup name, no passwords, etc. But sometimes all of a sudden when I check out My Network Places, and I try to access "Movies on pete" or any other folder, it says Access denied, network path not found or some stupid stiff like that.

What gives?
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In answer to your first question, and assuming abyss for windows. The webserver probably has that file or folder open, and that's why you can't delete it. Stop the abyss service (Administrative tools and services) and then try to delete the folder.

If it happens to other folders, then it could be a similar thing. Make sure that any application which could have files open in that folder aren't running.

Your network problems could be caused by weird windows authentication or firewalls or changed ip addresses (you went on line) or anything really. I get strange stuff like this a lot. I suggest that shared files (mp3's) be held on a linux server or a dedicated file sharing box.
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