Janome JD 1818 sewing machine?
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A Janome JD 1818 sewing machine has appeared at a local thrift shop for $40. I know Janome in general is decent but I can’t find anything on this model w quick phone searching. I know it will be old and basic. Beyond that would this be a reasonable starting machine and is this a reasonable price? Will I be able to get accessories and parts for it as needed?
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Best answer: A quick search for parts for that model suggests that they are available online; however I didn't dig into the links to verify.

Do you have a local sewing machine repair shop/expert? You could quickly call them and ask what they think.
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Best answer: And if you don’t have a local repair/service shop, are you comfortable taking it apart to clean and oil it, which it probably needs?

Manual and cleaning instructions here.

It seems like a decent machine and deal but not spectacular. If you’re having a hard time finding old machines maybe go for it but if you haven’t already been looking for a few weeks give it some time and hope for a kenmore or singer maybe?
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Response by poster: Calling a shop is a good idea. I’ve actually planned (in a vague, “someday” sense) to get a new Janome, but happened to see this in the thrift shop this afternoon.
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Best answer: No, I would not get this model. My friend says hers feed dogs got mis aligned pretty quickly and could not get the parts for it. She said she paid $300 new in 1997.
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Best answer: $40 is absolutely a steal for any sewing machine. Get it.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. The thrift shop says it "runs" which means that it turns on and makes noise, not necessarily that it actually functions. I could probably do basic maintenance on a machine, but I haven't actually used one since the 80s and wouldn't be comfortable with any actual repairs. I called a local(-ish) sewing shop that was not familiar with the specific model but looked it up and found mixed reviews. They said it would probably cost about $100 to get it serviced, assuming it doesn't need significant repairs. That would turn $40 into $140 to perhaps $200 or more. So I will likely stick with my original vague plan to get a new machine.
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Best answer: Our local Craigslist is always filled with machines no one has used much...
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