Dynamic Table of Contents for Chrome
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I'm looking for a Chrome extension that will act as a table of contents for my tabs/windows. Cluster is pretty close, but won't let me rename (or re-order) the windows.

My job involves having 20+ tabs spread out over 4-5 windows and I'm trying to optimize my organization, most especially how easy it is to find a specific tab.

I have a Reference window, an Email window, and then create other windows as-needed for projects, with each tab being a task. Projects/tasks can last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple days, depending on how quickly I get the information I need.

Cluster is doing a decent job at showing me all my tabs in list form (I don't want thumbnails), but I'd love to replace "Window 1" with "Project X", and be able to reorder the windows based on priority.
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OneTab, perhaps? It's billed more as a computer memory saver, but to my recollection it does pretty good tab management and I wouldn't be surprised if it fits your guidelines/needs.
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Tabbie might sort of work for you. It doesn't let you rename windows, but you can search within it which would make it pretty easy to find the right window, I would think. I like it a lot.
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What about running multiple instances of Chrome?


You could even, perhaps make separate applications with different names and icons.

This wouldn't work for the popup projects, but might at least help keep email and reference separate from those.
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