Looking for professional organizer/decluttering help in Silicon Valley
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My mom says she will hire a professional organizer for her house if I find a reputable one for her. The level of clutter is not creating an unsanitary environment (no pets, dishes are washed, etc.) but the accumulation of paper and books worries me and my brother and I have to keep on her to not let her piles of paper spread to the floor and create a slipping hazard as it's been in the past.

I'm looking for an organizer who ideally specializes in elderly clientele. There's a mild hoarding mindset in place here (I had an argument with her on Christmas about recycling the tower of cardboard drink holders, for instance) along with some compulsive spending issues that seem common to people her age (early 80s) judging from my friends' comments about their parents.

I mainly need an exceptionally trustworthy person who understands that this isn't just an issue of going in and tossing things. There are financial documents in piles along with out of date magazine articles and email printouts. Any recommendations?
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Best answer: A local village ("a membership organization that connects older adults to the community, programming, and expertise they need to continue living lives of purpose and promise") might be able to provide a referral: directory of California villages.
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Best answer: There is a great directory on the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) website that'll let you search for local professional organizers who specialize in working with seniors and/or people with hoarding tendencies. You can also filter to exclude organizers without the Certified Professional Organizer credential if that would help your mom feel more at ease.
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Best answer: I have used and highly recommend the services of Joan McCreary to get a start on resolving some of my own hoarder-ish issues. She is gentle and knowledgeable, and her website speaks about her experience specifically for seniors.
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Best answer: I had a very good experience with Daria Casey.
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Response by poster: Thank you all! Really good leads, and I appreciate it.

Mr. Know-it-some, thank you for the info on villages as well. My mom knows and trusts Avenidas in her area and they have a village associated with them; this might be a good resource for her for some other issues as well.
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