Help my Chromebook forget things!
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My Chromebook says I'm out of memory, but I have no idea why.

In the last couple days, I've been using my Chromebook (Toshiba Chromebook 2, if that's important) as follows:

1. Pop in SD card from digital camera, containing both video and still photos
2. Copy said photos/video from card to Google Drive
3. Upload those copied photos to an album in Google Photos
4. (Properly) Eject SD card, put back in camera

Over the course of those last couple days, I keep getting warnings from my Chromebook that I am using, as of now, 9.7 of the 10 GB of available onboard memory. But when I go to Storage Management to determine where those gigs live, I see the following information:

In Use: 9.7GB
Available: 767 MB
Downloads: 0 B
Browser Data: 199 MB
Other Users: 344 MB

Those three MB numbers do not, even to my non-math-inclined eye, seem to add up to 9.7 GB. I cannot for the life of me figure out where those other 8+ gig of data are - I've looked everywhere I know how to look in Chrome OS, and I don't know why my machine is telling me it's full, because it really doesn't appear to be, from what Files is telling me anyway.

I have shut down and restarted the machine in hopes that it was just a cache issue, and it does not appear to be. I do not want to powerwash unless absolutely necessary. What am I missing here? How can I find out what is making up all those gigs so I can pare it down?

I don't need a more efficient way to do what I'm doing, since I only have to do the above steps once more after today, so unless that's what's causing my problem I don't really need or want a better workflow - I just need to know where to find all this mystery data.
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It might be in your browser cache. In a browser window hit ctrl-shift-backspace and you'll get a popup allowing you to clear cached files (and it will tell you how much space it's using).
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