Albany, New York: City of Lights, City of Magic!
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I find myself traveling to Albany for two nights next week (three, actually, but the first night I'll be getting in super late). Are there any really terrific restaurants in the walkable part of downtown? My standards for really terrific are broad and malleable -- I eat anything, it'd just be nice not to eat in the hotel. Also, my evenings are generally wide open -- if there was some appealing theater or music thing that happened to be taking place on either the evening of Tuesday, 1/14 or Wednesday, 1/15, also in the walkable part of downtown Albany, I'd be fascinated to hear about it.
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Best answer: I work in downtown Albany. Unfortunately it's not a hotbed of fine cuisine. Most of the places in the downtown area are bars first and restaurants second. The Hollow is pretty good, and if you're willing to go a few blocks north on Broadway Druthers is a decent brewpub. 677 Prime is good if an expensive steakhouse is of interest, and I've heard The Bishop is good. If you like donuts, check out Cider Belly in the morning.
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I don't remember how walkable it is from downtown, but if there's anything playing at The Egg I would check it out as it's definitely unique
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Best answer: I've had some terrific meals at New World Bistro. Might require a cab ride from where you are, but worth it I think.
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Best answer: I had a really nice lunch and cocktail at Dove and Deer a year or so ago when I had a few random (car-less) hours to kill in downtown Albany. I recommend it!
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Best answer: Cafe Capriccio is where I would go. Traditional Italian, reliably wonderful homemade pasta.
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Best answer: Yono's, on the ground floor of the Hampton Inn on Chapel Street downtown (near the Palace Theater, if you happen to be seeing a show), is always a contender on the various "best of the Capital Region" lists; the chef is Indonesian and the menu is a mix of Western and Indonesian dishes and flavors.

Yono's also has a more casual "brasserie" sister restaurant in the same building called DP — though in fact I've eaten at the latter and was presented with both restaurants' menus for ordering.
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Response by poster: Yono's I have actually been to on a prior trip, and thought it was terrific, for any other Albany travelers reading this thread.
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I really like Ama Cocina.

Dancing With the Stars is in town on Wednesday, if that's something you'd find entertaining.
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Response by poster: Cafe Capriccio was terrific — the kind of oldfashioned red sauce Italian with really good vegetable dishes.

And Ama Cocina was also fun. Good margarita, nice tacos, ludicrous churro-based ice cream dessert.

Thanks, everyone! Next trip I’ll try the other suggestions.
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