Looking for a time travel book I read in the 80s
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I'm looking for a YA book I read in the late 80s that featured a young girl and her brother and friend, and their adventures in another world/time. It may have been the first of a series. The title may have had "Stones" in it.

When I was a kid in the late 80s, I loved this book that I really want to find again! The main character was a teenage girl and her bratty little brother (maybe named Nick or Neil). One day the brother gets in trouble and runs away. She finds him in a nearby building (for some reason, another girl tags along with her) and in the building basement, they find some stepping stones. When they walk on the stones, they disappear and reappear in some strange land.

They have adventures which I completely forget and meet this handsome guy, Jessie. At the end of the book, they return to their original time. However, they find a picture of the main girl and Jessie and her hair is longer. So they realize this must mean she traveled back there a second time. And... THE END.

I think one of the two main girls is named Amy. I remember on the cover you see the backs of the three kids as they're facing a guy on a horse or unicorn (I think that's supposed to be Jessie). That's all I got!
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Best answer: Was it The Time Keeper (Timeways Book 1) (The Timeways Trilogy)?

"A light, fast-paced and readable adventure that combines elements of romance, science fiction and fantasy. Jeanette Lacy, an unhappy 15 year old, attempts to find her runaway brother Neil and ends up being transported to another time. The time-transport stones are located in an old hotel scheduled to be destroyed in a few days, so the plot-clock starts ticking as Jeanette and Neil wander thorugh different centures, not always on Earth, before reaching home.

"The glowing stones seemed to throb with some unknown power. What were these stones and why were they here in this hidden cavern? All fifteen-year-old Jeanette Lacy and her younger brother Neil knew was that the stones were calling to them. . .and they couldn't resist.

"But their first steps on this weird pathway took them whirling through time to Texas--one hundred and thirty years ago in another past. Texas, where two moons hung in the sky, where unicorns were only too real, and where a boy named Jesse became an unexpected ally in their quest to return home. Then, instead of home, the stones sent them off to a frightening future where traveling in time was the worst crime of all. "
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Response by poster: Yes! Hooray! Oh I cant wait to read the rest of this silly series, 30 years later. Thank you :)
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