What is this door knob style called?
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Can anyone help me put a name to this style of door knob? I cannot find anything similar anywhere on the internet, including ebay or any antique door hardware websites. These are glass and on 4 interior doors throughout our home and would like to replace a couple that are scratched/broken with something similar looking. Also I've lost a few set screws and the ones I've attempted from some antique door knob retailers have not fit. Thanks!
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They are just gorgeous! These are cabinet knobs but look very similar and I used crystal antique round swirled to find them. Same with these. Some combo of crystal, glass, fluted, swirled, sphere, antique, knob, doorknob might work. These may be actual doorknobs? No sizes I noticed so cannot tell. It does say they're manufacted by estamp in Spain.
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I found these on ebay, though they aren't exactly the same.
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Best answer: Oh, those are beautiful! My first guess was "fluted globe" and that led me to "pumpkin glass door knobs" which seems to be very close to what you've got.
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Best answer: 1. I'd get in touch with Bart Slutsky at Rogerson's Hardware in Hudson, NY. He's a specialist in older interior door hardware and may know what you've got and have a lead on resources to find more.

2. Re: set screws
If the threads are standard, it is pretty easy to make new set screws from threaded brass rod.
If the threads are non-standard, the holes can be tapped for standard set screws.
New brass set screws can be "aged" to fit with the existing hardware.

3. Is replacement a "must"? Scratches or sharp edges from breaks could be made safer or less obvious.
If you want "like new" knobs that match, reproduction may be your best option - There's a well-known shop in LIC - but custom work in glass is expensive. You might consider acrylic as a compromise.
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The term I know is 'melon' -- an example in cabinet hardware. [Possibly pertinent replacement advice from This Old House.]
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Response by poster: Update for those interested, the doorknobs are most likely from Europe and the screws are metric (M6) set screws, which are difficult, but not impossible to find. I took a knob to a large antiques dealer in NYC (Olde Good Things) and the guy there said he'd never seen anything like them before but did use the term "fluted" to describe them.
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