Please recommend warm women's winter running tights with drawstring
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I would like thick, heavyweight women's tights/long underwear with a drawstring waist for winter running, hiking, and other outdoor activities when it is very cold.

I am having trouble finding anything to buy that is extra thick and warm. Yes, I really want tights that are very thick and warm. Do you have suggestions? Note, they must have a drawstring waist.
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Best answer: I have good luck with the New Balance Heat line. The pair I own have both a small drawstring as well as the usual elastic waist that you see with leggings/tights.

Runners World also put together a list of good gear for running in colder weather - hopefully this might be helpful?
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Best answer: I found some by going to a local Dick's Sporting Goods so I could try lots of options. Online, I'd check Athleta and Tine 9. For example, Athleta has these and Title 9 has these. Both have other options and sizes and colors as well.
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Best answer: Smartwool sport wind tights are crazy warm, like too hot for above zero windchills. The regular sport fleece are very good for regular winter conditions. Both have drawstrings and pockets.

They’re expensive, but wool is non-stinky so you hardly have to wash it. Can’t speak to durability yet, though.
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Best answer: I don't know if you can easily get them outside Europe, but Airtracks are warm, good quality and have a waist drawstring. (They're unisex, only the sizing is male/female, sizes are a bit on the large side).
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Best answer: sugoi makes these -- drawstring, thick, fuzzy on the inside smooth on the outside and could be worn on their own or under something else. mine are several years old but these look similar to what I have.
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Best answer: I'd have sent you to REI but it seems they stopped making the Polartec Power Stretch tights I have. It looks like both the products bluedaisy linked above are made with the same fabric, so they'd probably be equally warm. It's smooth and slightly wind resistant on the outside, cozy fleece on the inside. I bought mine when I was commuting by bike every day, and on the days that were cold enough to need them outside I'd have to change when I got to work or be too hot in the office. I only end up wearing them a couple times a year, on average, but that sounds like the kind of warmth you're looking for.
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