ID stolen. How do I get on my plane this Sunday?
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I have a flight to NYC from Burbank, CA this Sunday, and my wallet has been stolen. What can I do to decrease my chances of having problems as I go through security with limited ID?

Forms of ID I have:
-Certified Birth Certificate
-Temporary California Driver's License (No picture)
-College ID (has name, picture, student ID number)
-Xerox of my passport (I lost my passport, going to replace once I get my license)

I called Jetblue, and I now have a note in my file saying "Wallet was stolen. Providing a boarding pass is up to the discretion of the airport" (Useless :P).

I called TSA, and they told me that provided I get a boarding pass and get patted down, I should be fine.
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I flew out of LAX a few months ago with an expired license. It wasn't much hassle. I got put through the increased security line but otherwise there was no problem. I'm not sure about the weekend but during the week if you're willing to pay enough you can get a passport in a day or two. It's probably not worth it for this situation though.
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my wife's wallet was lost in NYC and we made it home fine - we had a note from the cops saying we had lost her ID, a receipt from our hotel, and that plus an extra security screening (15 minutes) got us on the plane.
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Plead your case to the ticket agent, and show her what you have. Allow enough time before boarding for an automatic secondary search of your person and your belongings. You're not the first person this has happened to.
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Get there early. I lost my only picture ID at the airport once. I got it out for security and must have dropped it. They just put you through the increased security line, which is why you need to get there early. You'll be fine.
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Like rdr, I flew recently (actually, last year) with an expired license. I almost made it clean through, but the lady caught it at the last second. I just had to get the super-search, which tends to happen to me anyway. (I did have birth certificate & social security ID). Legally, you *can* fly with no picture ID (and you do have some anyway). But you will most likely have to do the long/deep/hard screen.

I did so with a bag of weed in my pocket. My wife almost killed me on the other side.
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I'm a travel agent - this happens all the time. You should have a police report documenting your stolen wallet, plus all of the documentation you list above. Bring your original birth certificate if you have it. Be really nice to the security and gate staff - you're in their hands. If they say no, find a supervisor to speak to and be really nice to him.
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Alternatively, you could leave all your ID at home and "be a freedom flyer".
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You don't need an ID to fly, but you will be an automatic secondary security screening selectee if you don't have it.
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