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I want to treat myself to a physical gadget for around $100. Not a video game or app, something physical.

So it's been a long, difficult year. My wife had health problems. I switched jobs, she switched jobs, it's been....a lot. The good news is my new job is great, and I was surprised with a year-end bonus.

Most of that money is going to savings and paying off student loans, but I'm holding back around $100ish to treat myself with something fun. Problem is, I can't think of what.

I used to love little doodads like Palm pilots or similar. Useless but fun to play around with. Those kind of electronic gizmos don't seem to exist anymore, they've all become phone apps. I'm not looking for video games, and I already have a nice phone and a Kindle.

Any ideas?
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Smart Watch
Wireless ear buds
VR Goggles
Bluetooth Speaker
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Best answer: This isn't exactly my thing, so I don't have anything specific, but I think you could probably have fun looking around everyday carry blogs -- people getting weird about the coolest possible pocketknife or flashlight or multitool or tactical assault wallet or whatever. Searching the words "everyday carry" got me this blog: https://everydaycarry.com/ but I'm pretty sure there's also a subreddit and a bunch of other blogs.
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Look here or there for things.
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Best answer: Physical things that I have been enjoying lately: fidget toys, puzzle magazines (with a good pencil), jigsaw puzzles.

And we're never too old for Lego.

Non-phone electronic thought: fancy watch with interesting things to look at or fiddle with?
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My brother just bought me a Firestick which turns a regular (not Smart) flat TV that has usb and hdmi ports into a Smart T.V. and allows you to stream videos or other programming with all kinds of apps. I haven't paid for cable in decades, so I expect this to be a game changer for me!
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Decent but not crazy pair of Bluetooth headphones is about $100.
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Best answer: Everyday carry-type items have already been suggested, but I can provide some additional links and whatnot.

$100 would buy a pretty nice pocketknife/multi-tool/pen/headphones/etc.

If you want something more explicitly toy-like, pocket spinning tops for grown-ups are also a thing, and might meet the 'useless but fun to play around with' standard.

If you enjoy cooking, something like a sous-vide machine, an immersion blender, or an instant-read thermometer might be an option. Or something coffee-related, if you're into it.

Alternately, and this isn't really answering the question--if you're not sure what you want, what about buying something that's consumable? Fancy meal, fancy booze, something along those lines.
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Kevin Kelly's long-running Cool Tools blog might be up your alley.
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If you like messing around with music, how about a Pocket Operator?
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Except when traveling by air, where it's verboten in the passenger compartment, my Leatherman skeletool gets used on a daily basis. Even the mechanics at work are amazed at how often I'm able to do little fixes with what's in my pocket.
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How a about a 3D pen? Doodling in one extra dimension sounds like great fun!

Also, I’m intrigued by Blackboard by Boogie Board, also known as “liquid crystal paper”
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Best answer: A good quality clip-on macro lens for your phone?
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How about a decent fountain pen or other machined pen? If you do any sort of regular writing by hand, this would be an object that would remind you of this celebratory moment for years or decades to come.
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Best answer: It looks like they're sold out until late next month, but you could get an OpenTheremin kit for about $100.
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Best answer: Get a Raspberry Pi / Arduino development kit with breadboards and LEDs and sensors and motors and buttons. Build things to do things, then pull it all apart and build something else.
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You can get a pretty nice knife for less than that, along with something to sharpen it with. However, you can spend an unbounded amount on sharpeners. Also, pawn shops are a good place to occasionally find a deal on knives. Most of them don’t wear out—the owners get tired of them. Lot of chaff to separate from the wheat, though.

On review, that Cool Tools blog *is* great.

On further review. Theremin? Cool.
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Instax camera if creating physical photos would be fun for you.

I've found that I enjoy having wireless earbuds a lot more than I expected to because they're easy to carry so I always have them now.

If you like listening to music at home, the Grado SR-80 headphones are a nice experience (but are open ear, so not as practical outside of a quiet environment).

A few smart lightbulbs.
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If you like to cook, how about a sous vide cooker? Anova has models in the $100 range and it's a fun thing to experiment with.
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I keep meaning to pick myself up a Turing Tumble.
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Instant Pot.
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A GoPro clone that you can throw around in random places.
A digital microscope.
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Benchmade knife or Leatherman tool. Either will be handy, and remind you that you made it through this year's storm. :7)
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How about a SodaStream bubbly water maker? They range from $79 to $199 on Amazon, take your pick.
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I have played with 3D pens and they’re not all that. It was pretty frustrating, actually.

3D printers, on the other hand, are great. But about 3x your budget. I have a FlashForge Findrr and have been happy with it.
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Near impossible to get, but try to find yourself a Durr.
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As mentioned above, the Pocket Operator or the similar-ish subtractive synth Kastle by Bastl. They're in the Czech Republic - I think - but have stateside resellers. I've been going to Control Voltage in PDX
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I had $100 from Christmas to blow on a gadget, and I got myself an electric toothbrush.
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