Office chair with attached footrest for sitting
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I'm short and I can't get a shorter desk at work, but might be able to get a chair with an attached footrest. However, when I try to search for this, the internet gives me chairs with footrests designed for reclining. I want one to put my feet on flat while sitting up. Any suggestions?

I know that a footrest that sits on the floor is the traditional solution, but there are a few reasons why that's not ideal in this case. Same with a keyboard tray. I'm a 5'2" woman, and the chair depth also needs to accommodate shorter thighs.
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Maybe something like this or this drafting chair? Your request reminds me of drafting chairs, but the problem there may be the chairs are too tall since they're usually designed for taller tables.
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I'd recommend looking at "drafting" chairs. These usually have footrests built in. It looks like some go low enough to sit at a normal desk height, but you'd have to measure. to confirm.

On preview, jinx.
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the foot rest for those chairs tends to be behind the knee, which is rather uncomfortable in my opinion. They sell foot-rest attachments for wheel chairs, as well as the attachments that are on salon chairs for foot resting. It seems like these can be added to any chair with a solid-enough base.

I've also found this desk chair marketed for "growing children". It's max height is 19.8 inches, which is a full height for adult desks, but it's a smaller seat, and the foot rest at the bottom is what you're looking for. It's got excellent reviews, and several from adult women that are at your stature
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What about a Universal Footring? It says it fits most standard gas cylinders, so as long as you have a chair with the standard cheapie cylinder cover you should be able to remove (or cut away) that plastic to affix the ring.
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Have you already looked at footrests that go on the floor? I had one like this and liked it.
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Something from this list?
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