USMLE coaching in Los Angeles
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We're looking for coaching in Los Angeles for the USMLE exam, ideally near to UCLA Hospital. The coachee has self-studied hard for a year but dyslexia is making it harder to get top marks in tests exams. Any recommendations or suggestions will be very much appreciated.
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Ask the local Kaplan center or the like for sources....

Not sure how easy it but can the dyslexia be attacked specifically -- independent of the USMLE (united states medical licensing exam)? ..and Can prolonged or special accommodation be arranged (usually more time or the like).
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I wonder if there is a an accommodation to have an exam printed or displayed in a dyslexic friendly font? It would be a question to ask the testing board.
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I know GRE/GMAT are a bit different from USMLE, but I tutored dyslexic and LD students in the former and most were eligibile for some sort of accommodation. The student should work with med school liaison for this because it's hard to secure accommodations.

Also, not sure fi you can find a Step 1 specific tutor, but an educational psyh who specializes in standardized tests and dyslexia would be very helpful too. That might in fact be what you really need.
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I (dyslexic with some serious accommodations in education up-to-and-including medical school) and a classmate (dyslexic and very definitively diagnosed, with literally three times my diagnostic paperwork) were both unable to get even basic accommodations from USMLE. I asked for a paper test or permission to change the font settings on the computer test, my classmate asked for extra time. It doesn't hurt to ask, but unless policies have changed in the last six years, chances are low.

My medical school helped me find (and pay for) a test prep course that was aligned with my learning style; my classmate had an MD/PHD student tutor her.

Step One was a huge barrier in my medical education, but everything after that (Steps Two and Three, and even my boards) were significantly easier- so remind your coachee that it gets better after this!
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