Oregon History Podcasts?
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I'm looking for podcasts about Oregon history, and particularly the little strange bits of history. For example: I like the podcasts from the Montana and Virginia Historical Societys that are recordings of conference speakers talking about very specific things. I like the "Lost Highways" podcast from Colorado. I am NOT looking for two dudes sitting around and talking to each other about beer or what they think about Oregon history, which is most of what I found. Podcasts I would totally listen to would be: history of Japanese-Americans in WW2, particularly those who were inland from the coast // LGBT in the 1970's // how interior Oregon agriculture has changed // Native American history // Shipping // early white settlement failures // wildlife Give me just the podcasts with history facts, well reported.
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It's more recent history, and not all in oregon but the Bundyville podcast (particularly season 1) was well done
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I thought I remembered a series about the Vanport disaster/racism-on-the-grand-scale event, but googling is only turning up some one-off episodes. Still, probably worth a listen.
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Yeah, this is a tough one. All I can say is that Oregon isn’t that big and our state historical society isn’t well-funded.

Did you come across Hear in the Gorge?
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But you could do a lot worse than to scroll through podcasts from OPB.
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