How to dye one's beard relatively subtly...
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I'm wondering if one can use beard dye without going from "my beard is 80% grey with the rest brown" to "MY BEARD IS SUDDENLY UNIFORMLY DARK BROWN AND IT LOOKS LIKE I DREW IT ON WITH CRAYON."

I'm in my late 40s. I have some grey at he temples that I'm fine with and a sprinkling on my head. My beard, however, is mostly grey and it makes me feel old. Sometimes I shave it. Sometimes I like having it. A friend who dyes her hair suggested dyeing it the other day and I thought well maybe.

Is it possible/easy to make it more "brown with some grey" instead of looking like Mutt on Schitt's Creek with this weird solid mask that will look fakey on me? I know it's going to be obvious to anyone who sees me regularly but I'm mulling it over anyway. Just not if I'm going to look like Aschenbach in Death in Venice.
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I use Just For Men’s Control GX beard wash, and it minimizes the grey very well without being obvious. I only use it once or twice per week though. I am surprised how satisfied I am with it, I expected it to be useless. I don’t have a whole gray beard so YMMV.
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I do not have direct experience with the beard issue but overtone color depositing conditioners come to mind as a gentle and probably more subtle method that you would have a lot of control over. There are lots of brands of color-depositing conditioners out there but my stylist (and friends’ stylists) like overtone the best. If you were my spouse asking me for help with this, I’d get some overtone in the right color and I would apply it, sparingly at first, with a mascara wand for lots of control. I’d probably start with the daily conditioner vs the coloring conditioner and see how you do. If the daily works, I’d probably move to the coloring so it’s less maintenance.
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