repurposing cocoa mixes
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I got some Trader Joe's powdered salted caramel flavored hot cocoa and some of their powdered sipping chocolate, and I'm not that excited about either one. How else can I use them if I don't want to drink them?

I thought the caramel flavored stuff might work well on ice cream, but I'm not sure how to turn it into something I could pour over ice cream.

What are some good ways I can use these up? Is there any way to turn them into sauces or desserts or something?

Minor difficulty: the sipping chocolate has no powdered milk solids, so the directions call for adding milk; I don't usually keep cow milk on hand, and I don't like the taste of other milks (almond or soy) in cocoa-like beverages, so adding water or butter is fine, but options that call for milk may not work as well for me.

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You can mix most cocoa mixes with a small amount of milk or cream to make sauces. If you don't keep milk on hand, a can of evaporated milk would work and make a relatively small amount of sauce -- I wouldn't use sweetened condensed milk because there is already a lot of sugar in the powder. You can do this with water, too, but you get a thinner, less nice sauce.

Doing it over the stovetop with lots of stirring makes for a better sauce than using the microwave, but it involves more dishes and standing over a hot stove stirring, so usually I just do this in the microwave using a ramekin.

I also sometimes use hot chocolate powder in custard to make chocolate pudding, but that also requires milk.
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I used to pour hot cocoa mix onto vanilla ice cream when I was a kid, no other ingredients necessary. Just mash it together and mix it up a little bit.
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You can return them! Trader Joe's is awesome that way.
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Maybe as a substitute for cocoa and some of the sugar in a mug cake? There are some recipes that don't call for milk.
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Return them, or use them to dust truffles, or mix into homemade ice cream.
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Yes! spoon the powder over ice cream. Gives it that yummy chocolate malt powder texture...bliss.
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My grandfather used to mix Nesquick with a little bit of water and pour it over vanilla ice cream. Was it the best chocolate sauce in the world? No? Was it better than plain vanilla ice cream to this chocolate loving kid? Yes!
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Hot chocolate cookie cups!
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Nthing that you can return them - TJ's actually uses those metrics to determine what products to reorder and which ones to stop carrying, so all you have to say is "didn't like 'em" and they'll refund all your money.

But they'd probably be great to roll cookie dough in before baking.
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Sprinkle on ice cream (their chocolate coconut milk ice cream is wonderful) or their incredibly decadent Belgian chocolate pudding.
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I use the cocoa for mug cakes. It works perfectly.
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I came across a recipe a couple years ago for “healthy” popsicles: 2 tbsp hot chocolate mix, 1 banana, 1/2 can coconut milk. Blend and freeze. Not great winter food, but delicious! We used up a number of old hot chocolate mixes at our house this way.
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The sipping chocolate is mostly cocoa powder and sugar. Add a little hot water and you’ll get a decent chocolate sauce. I’ve drizzled something similar over ice cream. It will stay liquid when cool, so you could dip fruit in it as well.

The coconut creamer in the caramel mix might be a little strange in a sauce, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Throw a couple spoonfuls in a mug, stir in a splash of hot water, and make sure you taste it before pouring it on perfectly good ice cream.
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I cannot believe I didn't think of just applying it directly to ice cream. But you all did, so now I can do that!

Also the mug cake ideas sound great.

These are all terrific answers (including returning them to Trader Joe's, which I don't think I'll do but it's always good to be reminded that that's an option). My thanks to everyone who offered one of these great suggestions!
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