Looking for women's underwear with cuffs around the thigh holes
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Because of the shape of my ass (??) almost any underwear I wear tends to ride up into my ass crack, which is understandably annoying. The only underwear I've found that doesn't do this is pairs with tight cuffs around the thigh holes. Can you help me find affordable underwear like this?

I love Thunderpants for this, but at $24/pair, I need a more affordable option for everyday. Would love to find something like Hanes (or one step up) that meets my thigh cuff needs.

Doesn't need to be particularly sexy, but plain or classy looking would be nice.
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Are you opposed to the boyshort style/has that not worked for you in the past? Asking because you may get a lot of recommendations for that (Hanes has one that my partner likes for exactly the same reasons), and if there’s a reason you don’t like those you might want to head off those answers.
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Aerie cotton boybrief undies, 10/$35 (links to holiday prints, but this style usually available in solid colors)
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Stitch upon a Time patterns has a pattern for underwear that have leg bands. Scrundlewear is the name. They are easy to make. And they are an excellent way to use up scraps of knit material!
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Yeah, here: Aerie cotton boybrief undies in solids/heathers, "Binding at waist & leg openings", currently on sale.
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@brook horse, boyshorts unfortunately have the same problem for me.

The Aerie boybriefs look promising though, thank you to those who recommended!
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I used to love Uniqlo's older men's AIRism boxer briefs for this, but they've started making them with slightly thicker fabric that I don't like as much, so I haven't tried them. Here's a link anyhow.

I have a few pairs of these Adrienne Vittadini unders, which I got for about $3 for a three-pack at Ross. They fit really nicely, I think because of a few qualities 1) they're high-rise and 2) when you hold them up, they actually bag a little bit in the seat, which is an automatic indicator of space for a big booty. Do not get unders without this, unless you're totally fine with wedgies or have a completely flat ass. Also, 3) The binding around the legs is a separate, stitched-on material, and (unworn) the unders themselves have a tiny amount of bunching from the elastic in the binding, which means they'll be a little tight. The risk, of course, is that they'll be too tight, which drives me way more nuts than riding up, but these fit just fine. Finally 4) they're an XL, which is larger than I wear in pants, but definitely what I need in underpants

All that said, if you're looking for affordable unders, go to Ross or somewhere like that. Burlington Coat Factory, etc.
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I don't know if they'll be snug enough for you, but I found the Jockey Women's Elance Hipster and the Jockey Women's Elance Bikini too snug around the legholes to be workable for me.
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LOL. I’ve decided the very same thing about my ass! lifelong struggle. no variety of aerie undies has ever stayed put. nor any brand of boy short. HOWEVER! I’ve finally found undies that do — these ones from warner’s. I originally bought them at ross/marshall’s for even cheaper. looks like kohl’s has them in a trillion colors. they are also genuinely cute.
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Possibly the Iconic briefs from TomboyX? (I've only tried their bikini cut.) They're $20, but they do run sales and clearances.

*I too have this underwear eating butt problem, but I've found that bikinis work best because the otherwise leg openings end up too tight and cut into my thigh.
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I gave up on underwear designed for women and switched to men's boxer briefs several years ago, and haven't looked back. They don't ride up because they're not trying to frame the butt cheeks.
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I like these cheap ones from Vanity Fair.
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ErisLordFreedom: I gave up on underwear designed for women and switched to men's boxer briefs several years ago, and haven't looked back.

Same here. I find that the cheapest ones are usually best for me, because they don't have as much shape: no real pouch to accomodate outie type genitals, the cheaper ones rely almost completely on stretch for that. I like the coverage and the lack of panty lines.
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I mostly wear Jockey Elance bikinis, and the Hanes boy briefs with the fake fly have even tighter leg holes. The Hanes X-temp hipsters are good if you want nylon. I found both Hanes models at Target.
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Another boyshort rec, these were crowned somewhere as the best boyshort option for plus size, and I immediately bought a bunch. They're fantastic, and they don't ride up on me at all: Caramel Cantina Hipster Boy Short (pack of 6 for $24)
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Thank you for the recommendations, everyone! I've purchased a few different options and will give them a try.

I do sometimes wear men's boxer briefs for this reason (and I love them!), but sometimes I want a more feminine cut, especially for wearing under leggings.
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Just an update for posterity -- I purchased these Warner's panties based on changeling's recommendation and I could tell as soon as I put them on that they're the right shape for me. So far very happy.
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