Seeking family lawyer in Colorado Springs
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Seeking a Family Lawyer Colorado Springs area, divorce with a minor child

Seeking a family lawyer in Colorado Springs, child is involved in the divorce (which I would rather avoid for all the reasons imagined).

I also had a protective/restraining order put on me; and was removed from the home because of it. No I am not a spouse beater or child abuser fwiw. But it was served; and I was removed from my home in a ten minute period of time. It was served on the basis of my SO doing an appearance in front of a judge. No violence or police visits/reports are involved. I am working a professional career; and have been for 20+ years. Not a beater.

I am aware of the heavy hitters downtown with their name on the buildings; I am trying to avoid excessive costs because of financial issues. Spouse has a lawyer; looking for a person to help me cooperate along with the process.

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