Help me easily track my water intake
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I need something that will stick on the side of my refrigerator, and allow me to track the number of glasses of water I drink. What is that thing?

I already have an app that'll do this, but it turns out I often don't have my phone with me when I'm in the kitchen, filling up a glass of water, so I run into that thing of needing to remember to log the glass later, and then not remembering if I did or I didn't, or accidentally did it twice, etc.

I could just use pen and paper, and tally my glasses. I could get an extra large water bottle and fill it up at the beginning of the day. But I feel like there's just some tiny little easy thing that'll be more convenient -- some little thing that's magnetic, so it sticks to the fridge. And maybe has a little counter that I can easily reset each day?

I feel like this thing exists. Hope me?
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A whiteboard.
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Write the numbers zero to fifteen in a four by four grid on a piece of paper. Tape the paper to the refrigerator. Place a small fridge magnet over the zero and move it to the next number whenever you fill a glass to keep track of your water consumption.
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It’s not magnetic, but something like this?
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20 little magnets; every time you drink a glass of water you move one from one side of the fridge to the other. In the morning you move them all back to the original location.
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I did it a little different. I was dehydrated from diarrhea and was instructed to drink a gallon a day. I filled a half-gallon pitcher I already had and put in in the 'frig. Only filled my water glass from that pitcher. So I knew how much I was drinking. To me that was easier than marking a chart or paper.
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Go to the dollar store and get a fridge poetry magnet set. Move them. Or any magnet for that matter. All good ideas above. I was on a 16floz/day water restriction for a while and just wen the 500ml water bottle. Best wishes.
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Dry erase marker (magnetic cap or cap tied to a magnet), writing directly on the fridge.
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Glue a finger counter to a magnet.
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This is what pace count beads and other abacus-like devices were made to do.

Alternatively, put a rubber band around your cup and roll it up a bit every time you refill the cup.
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Thanks for the ideas. I'm going to go with the simplest, though I do like the idea of a finger counter. I don't have room for a large water bottle to fill up first, alas.
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