Tween holiday gift ideas, 2019 edition
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I need gift suggestions for family and friends who like to give gifts to my tweens for upcoming holidays. These kids have everything they could think to ask for already (literally shrug when I ask what to tell people).

One child is very active/sporty, listens to music, and plays with Nintendo Switch. The other has 85 interests, from knitting to rock tumbling to woodworking. I need somewhat generic *and* unique suggestions. They don't play with toys (eg, legos, dolls) and have a lot of science/spa kits already.

What are the latest Switch games that are played cooperatively? They have Zelda, NBA, Super Mario stuff. Anything new on that front that isn't more violent than Zelda? Latest and greatest board games, trendy items, things to make a kid feel sophisticated, keepsakes...

I feel like I ask a version of this question annually, but it's always been so helpful. I'm back to you all for more help. Thanks!
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Keyforge is 2-player card game where each deck is fully, globally unique.
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One of the gifts I recently got my kid was Whittling set: whittling blocks, a great pocket knife, and the whittling gloves so he doesn't slice his fingers off. Combines a hobby with a nice keepsake of a pocket knife.
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My 14 year old says Enter the Gungeon is a really good and popular game that can be played cooperatively and is not very violent.
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Unravel Two is a very well done co-op game for Switch.
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Check out . This phone app allows choosing up to 100 photos each month. Then a cute 4x6 photobook arrives with all the photos. The photos can be torn out and given away or kept whole or both. The app is easy to use. It is 3.99/month. Gift Subscriptions can be given for 3, 6, 12 months so gifts can be stacked.
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I can second that Enter the Gungeon is great -- it's what I'm currently hooked on.
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My rock tumbling tween has enjoyed his metal detector.
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The crafty tween might be ready for a Dremel.
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These kids have everything they could think to ask for already (literally shrug when I ask what to tell people).

Have I become a grumpy old aunt?!?!?!? I say if they can't come up with anything they want, you start asking (at least SOME of the people, I'm not heartless) for things they need (socks, shampoo, school bags, sports shoes) and/or things you want them to have (craft organizer, books, special laundry bag for smelly sports shoes). Back in my day, we knew to ask for a dang Visa gift card!
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