Arabic calligraphy, Marvel edition
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It's another Arabic calligraphy question, this time supervillain-themed. Can anyone read what it says on this t-shirt, around the Hydra skulltopus?

The t-shirt brand is Jobedu, but it isn't featured on their website in the Marvel collection. It was brought back for my boyfriend as a souvenir from Amman, Jordan, where his dad visited an apparently legendary comics store. It's one of my boyfriend's favourite shirts, and we would love to know what it actually says!
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Best answer: It's either incredibly complicated calligraphy, or nonsense words. The letter shapes aren't connected in the ways one would normally expect.
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Best answer: Seconding nonsense.
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Best answer: Another person who knows the alphabet saying this doesn't follow the rules. Thirding that it is decorative, not writing.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I’m a bit disappointed that there isn’t a cool ‘hidden’ message, but at least it’s not, like, KICK ME. :)
posted by daisyk at 1:12 AM on November 9, 2019

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