ISO Stocking Stuffers: USB edition
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My daughter has a USB hub on her nightstand for her IKEA reading light. We also got her a small USB fan. She has two USB slots left! I would love recommendations for other cute/useful kid-friendly USB-powered gadgets.
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Oh, one thing I discovered last year in my attempt to cope with dry air is that there are many adorable USB mini-humidifiers. The one I have cycles pretty LED colors in the water cup, shoots up a cool puff of air that's fun to put my hand through, and is shaped like the cutest round shape with stag horns. They seem to pretty consistently operate on a timer and use tap water.
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I like this moon light.
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Perhaps a tiny little raspberry pi zero w or something similar? This would entail figuring out what task a tiny little computer might be useful for, playing music to a bluetooth speaker, displaying time, weather, etc, dedicated button to send you a text message that she needs a glass of water -- and then together programming it to do so.
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I forgot it was supposed to be a stocking stuffer. Apologies.
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Doesn't need to literally fit in a stocking though - Moon Light is a fine suggestion. Please keep them coming.
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Christmas tree, more
String lights
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General advice: I would avoid anything with a heating element, such as the diffuser, mug warmer, or heated gloves. Most such gadgets will come from companies that have never heard of Underwriter's Laboratories, and vice versa.
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