Auto shop for adults?
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I'm looking for a what I can only describe as something like shop class for adults...any ideas?

I never really learned much about auto mechanics or all around handy man stuff growing up. I've owned vintage scooters for a long time and have learned to work on them as need be, but I always feel like I'm just sort of hacking away as best I can. I'd really like to learn how to work on cars and even more specifically motorcycles. I also wouldn't mind learning how to just be a little more handy in general. Do they offer any kind of classes for this sort of thing (I live in New York City)? Basically I want auto shop class for an adult or something like that. But I also don't have the time or desire to really take something geared at teaching people how to become professional mechanics.
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Can't speak for NYC, but most community colleges offer non-credit classes for this kind of thing. Everything from basic car repair to welding to cooking Thai food.
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I'm not sure what is available in New York City (it's like a whole 'nother country!), but here in rural Oregon if I were looking for something like that, I'd sign up for a class at a community college. Community college classes of this sort are a mixed bag: some offer practical instruction, others are more of an open shop, allowing you to use the tools and facilities while the "instructor" stands around drinking coffee and jawing with the regulars. Of course, this instructor and these regulars are fantastic sources of information, too. (I'm a community college junkie, and something of a regular in photography classes: I stand around sipping coffee and jawing with the instructor while the newbies snap photos of streetlights.)
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You could also see if there are any motorcycle clubs or groups that have workshops relating to bike maintenance.
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Not much help, but here's the previous thread on the same question.
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+1 for community college. They generally have classes exactly like you're looking for. You don't have to matriculate in the school, and you don't have to take them for credit.

Here in Philly we also have a few co-ops that teach classes. A friend of mine learned an assload of bike repair stuff by taking classes at such a co-op. I think we have a similar organization that does the same with auto repair. You might look for similar organizations in NYC.
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I know these classes are available in Seattle, because Frasier and Niles took one -- with hilarous results!
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Look here for a class taught by a guy whose classes I myself have not taken, but who is semilegendary around NYC for this very subject (teaching people to fix bikes).

Other than that, you might want to pick up The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance book by Mark Zimmerman, who I've met and who really knows his stuff.
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