Who the heck says Uline?
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Is it possible to remove certain words from Google/Android speech recognition results? Generally speaking, the system works perfectly for me, exactly transcribing when I'm saying except when I try to get a carriage return. This feels like insidious product placement, as I can't imagine anyone needing to regularly dictate the name have an office supply company…
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How essential is it that you format for the page while you're dictating? I'd wager that the product was built with the assumption that carriage returns/newlines would be entirely automatic. Is there any reason you can't just do all the formatting later?

A helpful answerer at Stackexchange has a possible strategy:
> I found that saying period newline gives you a new line, after putting a period on the current line. Also period new paragraph work.

Read the additional responses to that thread for other tips.
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Thanks Sunburnt, that entirely resolves my issue. Basic formatting of this sort is essential to my needs, and these method render it easy.

I'm going to leave the question not-yet-resolved for a little while, in case anyone happens to know the answer to the general problem of editing the speech recognition dictionary.
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