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What software would you recommend for keeping up, tracking, and paying home finances for a married couple in America? Ideally it would have desktop and mobile version that syncs, allows multiple users, connect with banks, track bills, income and taxes. Whatcha got?
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Toshl. Has desktop and mobile version, syncs online. The premium version connects with banks - however, since we only have the free one, we haven't tested this functionality. It tracks bills and billl reminders. It doesn't have multiple users, so we just use the same login. Doesn't do taxes, but it does do income. Simple interface (may be a bit too simple) but it works for us.
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Are you both really into spreadsheets? I have been tolerating Mint for a long time, in spite of my dislike of Intuit in general and Mint's specific business model. I recently found Tiller, which uses a Mint-like backend to connect to banks and then loads your transactions into a highly-customizable Google Sheet. From there it's up to you to build a useful set of tools based on that data, but Tiller has a few starter sheets with budgeting, net worth tracking, etc. It's a pay service, but I prefer that to the Mint "the ad networks are the customer, not you" model.
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We’ve been using Banktivity.
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YNAB. I love it and will be using this sort of a system forever, I think. It's also the Wirecutter's pick for budgeting software.
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