Help me find some Dutch dish towels
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Recently on a trip to Amsterdam I bought a couple of dish towels like these (on the right), at a drugstore, for a really non fancy price. Got home to discover that they are absolutely the finest, Platonic ideal of dish towel, and now I would like to buy many more. I'm having trouble finding any that are exactly like these - the ones I am seeing online in Dutch souvenir shops all have cutesy details like windmills and kissing children. Can you help?
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Have you tried Bed, Bath & Beyond? My mother has the light blue ones and would have bought them in NJ.
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I am a big fan of The Hema's tea towels, to the point of badgering musicians to bring some back after European tours.
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More info about the towels here

Shopping link here
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Response by poster: Hindmost: wow, thanks! I feel
Somehow gratified to know that others have recognized the One True kitchen towel. So glad I can resupply. Thanks!
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Going to say these are Hema towels. I buy them every time I’m back in the Netherlands.
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My wife just happened to buy some the other day at De Linnen Heren, Herenstraat 21, 1015BZ Amsterdam. +31 6 14799364
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Just so you know: that is a very traditional pattern, so you should not assume that all dish towels that come in that pattern will have the exact same properties.
But Hema is generally good for textiles, so personally I'd happily get them from there.

Hit me up if you need someone to pop into the nearest Hema for you.
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