I hate a heavy phone
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So my beloved iPhone SE got run over and I guess I have to go out and look for a new phone. Are there any iPhones that are close to the SE in size & weight, maybe ones that aren't in stores anymore but they're still for legitimate sale (like I can buy them from someplace I've already heard of?) Or should I just go out to Best Buy and just get whichever one has the best hand feel?

I've been doing a bunch of googling (there are SEs available for sale from sketchy outfits & ebay that have like 5 gb memory... sigh) and it all seems like bad news so I thought I'd check and see with you all if I was missing something.
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I bought an SE from Gazelle a few years ago and haven't had a lick of trouble with it. They currently have 16 & 128 GB SE's for sale.
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Same thing with Swappa. We've bought a number of SEs from them and they are fine. Might need a battery replaced sooner than a newish phone but otherwise, not sketchy.
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Came here to recommend Swappa as well. Got my kiddo an SE with tons of scratches all over the back, which nobody cares about because the phone has been in a case since we received it.
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Another Swappa recommendation. We recently bought a SE for my kid for very cheap, phone works great, super easy transaction.
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Call around to smaller phone repair places near you. Many of them sell used (unlocked!) phones -- that's how I got my SE this year! It's a great way to recycle electronics, and they might even have some kind of "return it if it turns out it's broken in 2 weeks) thing.
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If you can wait a few months, the SE2 should arrive sometime next year.
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sydnius - the SE2 is sadly going to be the same form factor as the 6/7/8. I'm disappointed because I have an 8 and it gives me nerve pain if I don't use a popsocket.
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Note that no iPhone SE 2 had been announced yet. Any details about hardware, release date, etc. are just rumor or speculation at this point.
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I have tiny hands and loved my SE, but when I was forced to switch, I ended up with the Xs. Albeit larger, it isn’t significantly so, and was an easier adjustment than I had expected. I sure miss that little phone, but I don’t hate the Xs.
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I recently went to an 8 from a SE. It is larger, but it doesn't drive me crazy. Well, at first it did, but I got used to it.
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Iphone SE2 is supposed to be coming 1st Q2020.

If on the other hand you want a android equivalent. Pixel 3a would be the closest in terms of size and features
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Response by poster: Update, I wound up going to the Apple store to look at phones and they actually sold me a new-to-me SE as a "repair". Hurray!
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