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I'm looking for some type of freeware that will display stock info in realtime on my mac ibook. I'm not too stoked on apple's stock widget because it always seems to be unable to retrieve the data I request. I need something that will allow me to type in ticker symbols for stocks, index funds, ETFs etc. and will give me a chart or graph of current and recent performance. Any suggestions fellow readers??
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"Realtime" meaning what? Without the standard fifteen minute delay?
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Response by poster: you're correct...i should have been more specific. let's say as close to realtime as possible. i'm not even too concerned with that. it's mainly the info and performance tracking i'm interested in.
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I do not believe their is a "free" program for this... I searched a bit last year for my dad...
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Powerticker by the nice boys at Galleon with whom I once shared an office.
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well, for quotes only (no charts, just the numbers), there's an apple-script in your applications folder. go applications-->applescript-->example_scripts-->internet_services. in here there's a "stock quote" script. you can drag this icon to your desktop and enter any stock code you like. caveat: i have *no idea* how timely the quotes are. (oh...and this may be just the same thing as the apple stock widget, with different window dressing).

also, not a stand-alone app, but another site with fairly good graphing and tracking features is smartmoney. they have a premium side, but there's also tons of free stuff. (i'm currently smitten with their 'map of the market java doohicky).
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In the Applications folder on any Mac there's an unloved program called Sherlock. It was Apple's earlier attempt at the Widgets concept. Anyway, it has a Stocks channel that is much better than the one in Dashboard.
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The app I use is simply called Ticker. It's small. It's elegant. It does the job.

Ticker tracks stock data. If you double-click on a symbol, it opens a Yahoo! finance web page about the stock. There's also a way to skip directly to the graph web page.

It may be what you're after.
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Not sure if this fits the bill, but many online brokerages provide a tool to do this. E-trade has a great stock quote app (that runs in browser window) that provides real time (not delayed) quotes and is highly customizable. I would imagine the other online brokerages have similar tools.
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