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After my godmother passed away a few years ago, her daughter found this bone or ivory wand-like object in her house. What is it? (She was active in the Lutheran church, so it may be a religious object.)

More info:

-The wand is a bit over 10 inches long. (We considered that it might be part of a fountain pen, but it seems very large and unwieldy for that.)

-There is something embedded in the tip - it looks a bit like cork or wood but I'm not certain.

-Around the tip, there's a bit of residue which could be from glue or tape.

-It unscrews into two pieces, with the handle being hollow, but it's not clear whether anything was meant to be kept in the hollow piece, or whether this was just an artifact of its assembly from two smaller pieces of bone/ivory.

-My godmother was very involved with our Lutheran church, and the grape/leaf imagery makes me suspect it may be related to that - but her daughter and husband didn't recognize it.

I've had this thing sitting in my pen holder for years, and I'd love to finally learn what it is!
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Handle of a parasol?
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It looks like a cute stick for carrom games.
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I have seen cigarette holders that look a lot like that.
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Response by poster: I thought it might be a cigarette holder too, but neither section is hollow all the way through.
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Maybe a decorative page turner, where the flat part has broken off? It would be a bit non-standard for that. Similarly, it may have been something to snuff out candles where again the working part has broken off.

Also along those lines, it may have been something to close or open windows or window shades or blinds.
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My immediate thought was that this is the top half of a buggy whip. They could be very ornate. I've sold several in the past and yours looks very similar. That bottom part where you said had a bit of glue residue is where the ferrule would have been. If it is a buggy whip it may have been broken, and she kept it for sentimental reasons.
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Was she involved in the choir/music? It resembles a conductors baton.
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It reminds me of the pointers used in Jewish services for reading the Torah, with the functional bit missing. The orientation of the shield under the grapes makes me think the wider end is meant to be the "top".
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It looks like the handle of a fan to me.
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My guess is conductor's baton or a chalk holder.
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Did she do any sort of yarn crafts? It looks a bit like a nostepinne.
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R/whatisthistthing is a good resource
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Nostepinne came to my mind also, but the decorative elements seem unwieldy for that.
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As a nostepinne user, I'd agree that the carving makes that very unlikely -- it'd snag when you tried to slide the cake of yarn off of it. If it's much smoother than it looks, maybe? But probably not.
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It looks like a parasol handle. They were often made of bone or ivory or wood and carved like this. The brown bits you see are the wooden remains of the shaft. Totally random examples from ebay of typical parasols that show how such a handle would look in situ.
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Parasol handle to the best of my ability.
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