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I’m way jealous of android phone blue light cancelling apps. How dim can I make my screen on an iPhone?

I’ve always used the “in-house” night time mode in my iPhone. This alone doesn’t get my screen amber colored/ dull enough for my taste. I know that android phones have some great apps that effectively cancel out the blue light, but I can’t find any compatible apps that I can use on my iPhone. Is there any way to add something like f.lux or another app that would be compatible to use on an iPhone?
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Best answer: You can use Accessibility Settings to turn on a Low Light filter. For me, this is mapped to tapping with three fingers, but that might be a custom setting - I tap with three fingers three times, choose Choose Filter, and then Low Light.
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Best answer: This may help if you have trouble finding it in Settings.
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You can also do custom color filters on the iOS accessibility mode, and crank up an orange filter really high.
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I have both a Zoom low light filter and a Reduce Whitepoint accessibility option mapped to a triple click of my home button. That plus the less-blue nighttime filter work for me.
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Rubylith is what you want. Astronomists put it over their laptop screens. There's a guy on eBay selling big sheets for a few bucks. Cut to size and slide it inside your phone case at night, no more app searching.
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Response by poster: Low light filter does the trick! Thank you so much!
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