Heard it through the grapevine?
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Can you think of an (android) app that fulfils my vineyard-management-wishlist?

Since last year, I have been taking over more and more the care of a small vineyard. This involves the care of roughly 600 plants, spaced c. 2 meters apart. What I am looking for is an app that allows me to
- record images and notes
- this is crucial: attribute them in some way to a single plant
- do the attribution as easily as possible (I fear geolocation wouldn't work as the plants are too close together, I thought of QR Code tags..? Typing something with grape-sticky fingers is out unless as a very last resort)
- access images and notes plant by plant later

My hope is that - if one forgets about the plants - the general usage concept might already exist for other applications.

Have you heard of an android app I might bend to my purposes?
It does not need to be free.

Thank you!

Bonus question: if this does not exist, and you are familiar with App Inventor, do you think this functionality could be programmed with it?
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If you have a qr code per plant, or barcode, then Memento database would let you easily make what you want.
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Rather than a QR code per plant I think it would be easier to create a database where entries are tagged with row#/plant# so you could do a simple sql search and get all entries where the plantID is AABB where AA is the row and BB is the plant number along the row. It would be pretty simple to code up (even in app inventor) where you can submit a new entry to the DB and it would require you to tap the row and plant# before you could add the photo and/or notes. I'm guessing that your 600 vines are something like 20 rows of 30 plants, but it should work fine up to about 10 rows and 60 plants, but the scrolling on the plant side will leave something to be desired.

I think that having QR codes means that you would need a book to reference them as having something printed out in the elements is a recipe for disaster. Instead of something simple like a number from 1-30, where if one falls off you can just look at the next one along and add/subtract accordingly. These could even be on labels on stakes in the ground, and if you wanted to get clever you could code them up in binary depending on your level of geekiness/need for simple obfuscation.
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Found one: IrisBG, designed for rare plant nurseries, but they have an app for nursery staff


of which they say: Take pictures of a plant with the app and add the photo directly to the relevant accession.

It has a database backend, etc.

All-weather barcodes and QR code tags are also common in the nursery market, print-at-home on vinyl or printed onto metal professionally.
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Iris BG would have been ideal, except only the app is free - the database, all the rest of it appears to be marketed to professional botanical gardens and is priced accordingly. Memento is looking great so far! Thank you all!
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