Which of These Canon Printers is the Best?
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Bought a new - not in box - Canon Pixma MX395 - the paper feeder doesn't work - and now am looking for the best model among these - MG-3650-white, MG-3150, MG-3155, MX-524, MG-3650-red, MX-525, MG-2150, MG-4140, MG-3650, MX-375, MG-3550, MG-2250, MX-475, MG-2255, MX-535, MX-515, MG-4250, MX-370, MG-3140, MX-435, MX-455, MX-454, MG-3250, MG-2140, MG-3255, MG-4150 for which I can use the 2 brand new inks that I purchased. Anything better than the MX395. Thank you.
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the paper feeder doesn't work

Do you have a definitive reason why not? In my experience, Canon's paper handling is generally pretty decent across their entire range.

Could be as simple as a piece of shipping tape not properly removed, or that same tape or a little shred of ripped paper stuck inside and partially occluding the feed path, or paper guides not set properly; all of these are common hazards for "not in box" machines, and fixing any of them is usually a lot easier than matching and sourcing a replacement printer.

Paper that's been stored outside its protective wrapper for a while can also get a coating of dust or a curl that interferes with printer feed mechanisms; it would be worth checking your MX395 with a small stack from a new ream, because if it's actually the paper that's the problem then a replacement printer could well show the same feed issues for the same reason.
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