Paris filter: looking to spend NYE in Paris, with the locals
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What it says on the tin. My friend and I have a [long] layover in Paris coinciding with NYE, and would like to spend it at a bar. Many of the previous recommendations on here are a few years old, so I'm wondering if there might be newer, more relevant suggestions.

Where would a pair of mid-thirty Parisians go to celebrate NYE? We're American, so while a lovely house party is ideal, that's not going to happen. Looking for a bar or lounge with a fun, hip vibe, ideally diverse, with good music and good drinks. One of us speaks French, so language is not an issue. For reference, we love bars in Shoreditch when we're in London, and Brooklyn when we're in NYC, so if there's a Parisian equivalent that's not touristy, we'd love to know.
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I have spent a few New Year’s Eve's in Paris on Avenue des Champs-Elysées. It has been a long time, but at the time, it was a huge party. The streets are filled with champagne drinking revelers.
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Le Comptoir General might be a good one if you get there early and camp out. Haven’t been there for NYE but it’s big with a Friendly crowd. no idea what their NYE is like but it’s great generally.
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The one time I was in Paris for NYE I planned to spend it at this chi-chi bar in the Pigalle. But on the way, the taxi that was bringing me there drove me through the Place de Bastille, and I saw clusters of all these little people who'd brought bottles of champagne and plastic cups for their toasts. And all things being equal, i'm wishing that I'd actually asked the taxi to say "stop, let me out here instead."
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