Google suggested articles - no politics?
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I've been enjoying the feature an Android where I get suggestions for articles that might interest me. This pretty accurately guesses what is of interest to me, with one curious omission. I spend about an hour daily, during my commute, on politico, washingtonpost, cnn, huffingtonpost etc. and read tons of articles about Trump, congress, impeachment, the whole thing, but I never get any articles related to politics in my recommendations. What's up with that?

I checked in "manage interests" wether I accidentially blocked something related, but no.
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since you check websites specifically, I wonder if google treats that differently than things you search for - my suggested articles seem linked pretty heavily to my actual google searches (ask me if I regret searching for a picture of duchess kathryn's sapphire earrings once, now google thinks I'm really into every british royal)
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Ha! I always thought Chrome simply monitored my browsing, but this makes more sense. I guess that's the reason!
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In that case, why the hell is it trying to give me Fox News links? I am NOT reading those.
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