Looking for an Entertainment Accountant in San Diego or Orange County
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I have sold words for money in the past and I intend to do so again. Meanwhile I started up and shut down a brewery and have a leftover S-Corp. I am looking for an accountant who knows what to do with these things.

The situation is not at all dire, nothing is on fire here because I didn't take on any debt that I could't handle and my tax accountant is conservative and would not let me do anything stupid.

However, my tax accountant is not particularly interested in doing anything beyond the taxes and my brewery accountant is doing other things now and, should I start making money from writing again, I have been told that a writer in possession of a good income must be in want of a corporate structure to pass it through.


Maybe I should just shut the S-Corp down, but even so I would need help doing that.

What I really want to do is find someone that can help me do the correct thing accounting-wise now, and who will be the person I will turn to if/when somebody starts paying me for writing again.

I live in Carlsbad, CA and commute to the day job in Orange County where I suspect there are more entertainment attorneys, but what do I know? There might be one next door.

Or, maybe, it doesn't matter where they are.

How would I best find this person?
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Uh... entertainment --accountants-- but what do I know? Not how to preview a post, that's for sure...
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