How can I sell or give away these tickets?
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I bought tickets to see Nick Cave in Austin, TX this weekend but I didn't realize that the huge music festival happening at the same time would make that unaffordable for me to fly and get a hotel there. I've never resold tickets in general, but the added complication of them being pdf tickets and being located in a different state makes it extra difficult. I have an ad on CL but that feels sketchy. Any resources you would recommend? Is there a local Austin IG account I can contact to do a giveaway?
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theres a sizable ACL reddit board . . . might find some interested folks over there.
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Post them on StubHub?
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My friend who is very enamored with Nick Cave (and is already going both nights) says there's an active community on Facebook called The Cult of Nick Cave that might be a good place to start.
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I have sold PDF tickets on StubHub before and it was extremely easy despite my being pretty bad with technology stuff. Just go slowly and read the instructions carefully.
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Thanks, all. I had no idea that facebook community existed - hoping to find someone on there that wants them. I'd much rather give them directly to a person that'll enjoy them than use a 3rd party reseller.
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