is there a way to access a log file or activity file on iOS
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I need to access information entered in evernote last night that somehow got deleted shortly after being entered and is missing from the "note history" feature in evernote (possibly due to a syncing issue as I was in the tube when the info was entered). I am wondering if iOS has any sort of key logging history or other ways to retrieve information that was clearly entered in iOS and saved in evernote (however briefly). If iOS has its own key logger or similar that would be exactly what I'd need to retrieve the missing information.
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There is nothing in iOS that logs the information you're looking for. This is intentional. Apple's security and privacy features are central to the branding of the iPhone and its differentiation from Android handsets. While this is unfortunate in your situation, it's a good thing in general.

There are log files that are available for development purposes through Xcode, but they don't contain anything close to key logging information.
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thanks Winnie !
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