Help me plan a vacation scavenger hunt in Japan!
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We'll be traveling to Japan in 2 weeks time with my 5-year old. One of the things we plan to do is walk a lot; in particular we're going on a short hike through the countryside. To keep my kid from getting too bored, I was thinking of preparing a sort of scavenger hunt for him to play while we're on our feet: a list of things he'd need to spot and point out while walking around. I need help coming up with that list!

(Note that by scavenger hunt I just mean objects that he needs to look out for along the way, and not anything he needs to collect.)

The trail I'm going on is the Yamanobe-no-michi. However I don't mind suggestions for some of the other places we'll be walking around either: Osaka, Kyoto, Koyasan (particularly Oku-no-in).

So far, for Yamanobe-no-michi, I'm thinking of things like old statues, persimmon trees, kofun, torii, pagodas, animals maybe. Other common things that can be seen along the Japanese countryside would work. Thanks for your suggestions!
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Best answer: Looks like a great walk and a wonderful thing to do with your five year old. Things?
* a fern
* somebody wearing a bell (bear warning, even though likely no bears there)
* three stones piled up (sometimes people do that along paths)
* a jizo with red bib
* a log made of concrete (it's a thing, "log" fences made of cast concrete)
* sadly there will be various kinds of trash along the trail and clean up could be a different thing with its own list: georgia coffee can, pack of smokes, pocari bottle, etc. Maybe not recommended.
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Japan Rail train stations and many other places like museums and touristy spots have ink stamping stations that you can use. I always bring a blank notebook to Japan to "collect" these stamps.
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I saw a mannequin head on a stick being used as a scarecrow on that path many years ago,so maybe interesting scarecrows.

mid-October may be early for it but people might be hanging their persimmons to dry.

In Kyoto a nice walk is from Nanzenji to Ginkakuji along the tetsugagu no Michi. The cinnamon smell of shops making yatsuhashi is quite nice.
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Japanese manhole covers are amazing and fun to collect pictures of. Though, not so much in the countryside.
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Tanooki statues! They look like this and have several good-luck meanings.

Little bowls of salt outside of shops might be another fun one.
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