Don't let me be barefoot and holding my shoes before the sun goes down
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I need help finding footwear. Specifically, women's black dressy shoes for a fancy event in a few weeks.

I consistently buy the worst shoes and I'm sick of it. My feet are extremely wide and strong (thanks useless ballet lessons!) and so I can't wear sandals or anything strappy. I have really bad ankles, which often spontaneously give out at no warning, so no heels higher than about a centimeter or two. These flippers spill out of flimsy flats or anything without some structure. If the shoes don't cover my toe knuckles(?), they will cut into my skin immediately. Please help me.

Other constraints:
  • I'd like to not spend more than £80 ($100).
  • No boots, super chunky heels or wedges. I'm very short and it's not a good look.
  • It'd be great if these could also double as walking shoes for work with nice trousers. Being able to walk anywhere comfortably in shoes would be a treat, really.
Here's the dress I'll be wearing at night in late October, for reference.
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What do you think about the Aravon Andrea? Aravon shoes are made by New Balance, come in a variety of widths, have good structure for my high arches, and take insoles well.

The black color is outside your budget, but the Navy version (which I think would work with your dress) is on sale.
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I have medium width feet and these shoes are a little wide on me—low block heels, comfortable, good price (if you like the pom pom). Not sure if one of the remaining sizes is right for you.
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I have much the same feet, including the heel slippage, and the only flats that work for me are Cole Haan flats with the Nike soles. They're not the most elegant of shoes, but from the top they look just fine, and if anyone is staring intently at your soles that hard... that person needs a hobby. Don't go looking at them new, you'll just have sticker shock, but Poshmark has you covered. With that dress, something like this or this would be super cute (not my listing, just random blue shoes). Make sure there's a picture of the Nike Air soles, listings on Posh are sometimes sketch.
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(you know, I'm really tired and missed the black part. There's tons of black ones too.)
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One of my favourite options for my wide, high feet are men's velvet smoking slippers. Virtually identical shoes are available for women so they don't read unfeminine, but the men's versions fit the shape of my feet better.

I'm not recommending those Steve Madden shoes in particular, just linking them as an example.
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How do you feel about Earth Shoes? They've got some cute flats goin on.
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Walking Cradles shoes are designed for comfort. Here's a page of their mid-heels, in Wide, all around $100, though not sure if they're available out of the US. Amazon US carries some Walking Cradles as well.
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You Look Fab had a round-up on shoes for high-volume feet a while back - might be worth a google.
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Apologies. I sent the wrong link for Walking Cradle shoes. Here are some wide styles with low heels.
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