Should I switch from T-Mobile to Sprint?
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I have phone service through Ting, an MVNO operating in the US on T-Mobile and Sprint networks. They are offering me a substantial credit, equivalent to 2-3 months of my service, to switch my SIM card from T-Mobile to Sprint. Should I do this? And why do they want me to?

1) Is there any reason not to switch, if both networks cover my area? Is there any benefit to me either way?

2) Why does the MVNO want me to switch? What's in it for them? Bonus points if you can explain this in light of the proposed T-Mobile/Sprint merger that is hung up in FCC negotiations.

Basically, I am confused by the offer and would like to understand what's happening before I make a decision.
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I don't know why they want you to switch, but I do know Ting well, and unless things have changed in a big way, give them a call and they'll tell you why.

But knowing what I do know, I'd ask around with people who live near your home and work to see how the Sprint network performs. It's great some places and weak in others, even when their maps say there is coverage.
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Ting is transitioning away from T-mobile as one of its MVNO options, apparently. It sounds like you're going to have to switch MVNOs at some point, but I think Verizon is going to become an option relatively soon. I would ask them about that, their phone support in the past has been pretty decent at answering questions for me. My Sprint coverage through them is not great, so I'm waiting to see if switching to Verizon becomes an option soon.
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The article linked above mentions some Ting users have T-mobile locked phones which won't be able to make the transition to Sprint or Verizon, so they're looking at a customer service nightmare in December 2020 when a bunch of customers lose service suddenly. I'm guessing they're trying to make this as smooth a transition as possible with incentives to switch now so it's not all at once.
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One of the lovely things about Ting is that they have actual human beings who answer the phone when you call, without endless phone trees or long waits on hold. I'd definitely give them and ring and ask.
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If there will be no change in the amount you'll pay over the life of the contract I'd say switch. However it does seem odd that there is coverage by both companies and your being nudged in one direction over the other. I would think long and hard about their motives for asking.
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I called Ting and the customer service rep was not able to tell me much and kind of gave me a friendly run-around but did confirm that they are probably dropping support for GSM service "at some point," suggesting that Sequence and Bluecore have it right. I will check out the coverage with people I know and if it looks good I can't see any reason not to switch. Thanks for the tips.
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