FCKeditor and PHPlist for Dummies
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Does anyone know where I can find REALLY BASIC guides for using (not installing) FCKeditor and PHPlist?

Because I happen to be slightly more tech savvy than everyone else in my small, nonprofit office, I have been the default webmaster for our six-month old website. Now I'm taking another job. Before I depart, I must write a manual with very simple, step-by-step instructions on how to use our web editor and mailing list software. The problem is that while the other people in the office are proficient enough in Word and Excel, they have no other computer skills. If they were to cut and paste some text from Word into the editor and the formatting got messed up (as it often does), they wouldn't know how to fix it without some serious instructions (e.g., "Don't press Enter when you want to go down one line as you would in Word, use Shift+Enter").

If possible, I'd really prefer not to have to write FCKeditor and PHPlist for Dummies if it already exists somewhere out on the web. I've done a whole lot of searching and haven't found anything that is simple enough for my purposes. The wiki documentation and forums aren't much help since they mostly deal with installation and are written for people with far more advanced skills.

Any ideas? Even if you know of documentation that isn't for FCKeditor or PHPlist per se, but could still be helpful, that would be great too. Thank you!
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Give them the documentation that came with the tools. If they balk, tell them that you'll handle their webmaster needs for $n/month for the next x months.

There are some things that are just inherently complicated. There are some people who just aren't ready to make that large a jump, considering 'all of the other things they have to do.'

Only write your dummies guide if the documentation for FCKeditor and PHPlist aren't very good.
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Put in a requisition for a copy of Dreamweaver, and convert the site. Then, hand it over to the next in line - with the manual, and with an HTML for Dummies book.
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