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I was recently reminded of this video of 9-11 audio, and I wondered what else might be there with a similar sense of "listening to hsitory unfold."

The audio linked above features a ton of stuff from the air traffic controllers, people talking on the phone, information about the hijackings being shared, and so on. It has an authentic feel I don't always find from reading about events in books, especially if they're written in a dry, historical style.

On a similar note I've seen at least one complete day's worth of radio from World War II, featuring news of D-Day I believe, along with more ordinary content, ads, etc. which was just fascinating to listen to.

What other audio bits might scratch a similar itch? The more detailed the happier I'll be. :)
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Hindenburg stuff.
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Apollo 11
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The History Hour podcast often has original audio snippets.
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This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but you'd likely enjoy the Centuries of Sound blog and podcast. It starts at the beginning of recorded sound and progresses year by year, and as things develop focuses on music - but the blog, especially, has a lot of content about historical recordings in general.
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Titanic, in her own words - several years ago the BBC aired a fascinating story for which a speech synthesis expert 'gave voice' to the telegraph traffic surrounding the sinking of the Titanic. All messages are delivered in'real time' as the messages were sent on that night.

It's eerie to hear these computerized disembodied voices speaking so calmly about the calamity, The radio operators deserve a lot of credit for their role in the saving of the souls who survived.

My description does not do it justice - just check it out and prepared to be spooked.

Also, there is a video on YouTube of the messages in text form - sort of a Twitter thread of the traffic.
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Another Apollo 11 related item -- here's a thing that replays the whole experience in real time with audio / video clips.
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Radio broadcasts from D-Day.
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